Getting kids back into the great outdoors


Brilliant place highly recommended
My son tristan started his first day today and he loved it
He was so excited about his amazing day 
He was so proud of himself to have been able to start a fire by himself
Learning about nature and he was really happy to see a frog with a baby on her back .
He did so many activities in one day that he came back home and went straight to sleep right after his dinner .
There is the option of going for sessions in the morning or in the afternoon or a all day session.
I highly recommend the all day session so your kids can fully experience it.
A big thank you to Steven.


Delphine Paine



My 8 year old son Kaylen came to adventure club on Saturday and absolutely loved it, he loves anything outdoor and anything to do with bushcrafting so this is a perfect outlet for him… It is literally the only thing he has talked about since Saturday!!…I originally only booked him in for the morning however he stayed the whole day and will be going full days from now on so keep him a place free Steven!! Lol
I highly recommend adventure club to everyone who’s kids enjoy the outdoors.

Jodie-Lee Wells