Getting kids back into the great outdoors


Adventure Club is run by Steven Sharpe – a Cornish born chap with two young sons who have inherited his love for the great outdoors.


Weekends often saw Steven exploring the Cornish countryside with his 8 year old son, and one or both of his two 8 year old nephews.  These expeditions became known as ‘adventure club’ and after being asked on a number of occasions how other children could join the club, Adventure Club Cornwall was born!


Practical bushcraft experience, charismatic with kids and a sense of adventure has led Steven to this point and with a happy band of adventurers after the first ever Adventure Club, he’s hooked.


Sharing lots of different skills from shelter building to fire-lighting to knife-handling (all with safety equipment and vigilant guidance), Steven’s laid back but firm persona builds trust, confidence and self esteem in young people.


The Club is open to those aged between 7 and 14, it runs every Saturday from 10am until 4pm. The cost is £20 per session or £70 for 4 sessions booked in advance.


To book, just email or head over to our facebook page and click the ‘book now’ button.